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Now Accepting Students for 2016/17 School Year!

Email me today at raquelserrano@alovingphilomath.com to book your time slot from August – June!

Fall 2016 - Tutoring Services, A Loving Philomath
Fall 2016, Now accepting students!

Who Is Raquel





Contact/Scheduling Information

Who Is Raquel

Raquel is a lover of learning, which is why she enthusiastically refers to herself as a philomath.

An exceptional student all throughout her school career (but especially while enrolled in college), she continues seeking opportunities to share the knowledge she gains with other students, using methods of coaching and teaching to help them reach their academic goals and develop skills that will continue to take them forwards.

In 2011, Raquel utilized an empty study room in her residence hall to organize a tutoring program from scratch. Its main purpose: to cater to the academic needs of the hall’s own residence by connecting them with their willing & knowledgeable neighbors. For the hall, by the hall. Soon, other halls on campus began to implement similar programs for their own residents. Now based in her hometown of Chicago, she hopes to achieve the same results with students there.

Raquel is both passionate about learning and tutoring. Few things give her a stronger sense of fulfillment that being able to take the value of her experiences and pass them on to her clients.

Tutoring Experience

— Founder and director of a collegiate tutoring program from 2010-2012.

— Recruited tutors to work as part of the program; created weekly schedules for tutors and students.

— Served as a science & math tutor for the program.

— Tutored also in various subjects from 2011-2012 on behalf of a university student program which catered to first-generation and at-risk freshmen students.

— Led evening study sessions as a TA (teaching assistant) in Human Physiology.

— Taught a University Foundations class of 16 first-time freshmen, instilling good study habits and sharing healthy living tips.

— Current: Private tutor for a high school IB student.


Raquel aims to serve students grades 9-12, as well as college undergraduates. She focus on most major “general education” classes, but her specialties lie in writing, math and science courses.

Subjects offered:

  • English & Literature
  • Algebra
  • Biology & Chemistry
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology
  • Writing

She also gladly offers assistance in various other services which cater to all high school & college students:

  • College applications, including essays
  • Choosing majors
  • Finding scholarships
  • Scholarship applications, including essays
  • Resumes & cover letters
  • Job searching


Monthly packages begin at $80 for 5 hours every month. (One hour added as a free bonus!)

Hours can be purchased separately at $20/hour.

(Prices subject to change for the 2017/18 or 2018/19 school year.)

How to Schedule

There are various ways to get in contact with Raquel in order to schedule a session or a monthly package:

  1. Send an email to raquelserrano@alovingphilomath.
  2. Schedule a video chat via Skype (username: alovingphilomath)
    • Please email or send a message through the Skype chat first before making the call.

Sessions will be done either in-person or online via Skype.

Do not hesitate to contact Raquel via any of the communication methods mentioned above.

Have a great day!